Founder of EKS

Tanya Clarke-Marinelli

I am a certified life coach, consultant, speaker and  ICF accredited. I was an Education Assistant working with high school students and adolescents with special needs, I have over 6 years of independent research in holistic nutrition, lifestyle and healing, and I successfully run a Real Foods Cooking Class for kids with implementation of my empowerment techniques and successfully ran an Empowering Kids Summer Day Camp. During the camp, I watched children flourish in very little time. Children who came from all different walks of life.

It has become my passion and life's mission to teach children self empowerment, self confidence, and to fall in love with themselves again. I also teach children how to give all of this to themselves, take responsibly for their life while being able to relate. ​

I have been coaching since 2011. I began my coaching practice with a passion for coaching holistic nutrition to woman. I first began my independent research in holistic nutrition when my son became ill in 2007, and I continue my research today. We were able to heal our youngest son from chronic ear infections, and made vast improvements in our older son's life when we were told he may be autistic. Once unable to function comfortably in a class setting, dismissed from 2 schools and being removing him from 2 others, my son is now thriving in group settings! My son was able to achieve this not only due to a change in his eating habits and adding supplements, but also by implementation of the techniques taught in my Empowering Kids program.  



Team Leader

Tracy McDowell

Hello my name is Tracy.
I am an E.C.E III. I have been in the child care field for 19 years. I grew up in a family that loved being outside. We spent our summers at the cabin and the winters at the snow hills. I have worked in the inner city daycares my whole career and knew after spending the first couple of summers working full time in the city that there had to be a way to bring more outdoor and nature play to them. For the last ten years I have been running nature programs with my center. Encouraging the love of natural play spaces and the independent learning the outdoor provides.
I have been working with Tanya in the Empowering kids camps for 3 years. These amazing camps have such a unique focus on growing the individual child and bringing out the best in each situation. It is an amazing experience that fuels the children’s passions and encourages love of the outdoors. I am very happy to have the opportunity to be involved in this great program.