Our Approach

Empowering Kids Forest School activities are as varied as the children who attend them. They kids are also guided by our seasons, climate, landscape, animals that have visited the night before, trees that have blown down in the wind, the kinds of provocations elicited by the educator, various tools and loose parts for building and creating, the children who are in attendance, how long the group has been formed, and most importantly, what interests the child.

Sometimes children will work independently, finding solace in their own world and creations and ponderings. Other times children will work collaboratively to create something, problem solve, support one another, dream of a bigger and better world.

Where are the Kids learning?

In the woods, the fields, and wherever their curiosity takes them!

What Are the Kids learning?

Forest School offers the kids a chance to learn the workings of Nature that surrounds them. Children are learning hands on experience with Nature, becoming familiar with the seasons, their surroundings, the hands on learning approach. Continual contact with Nature helps kids feel like they belong within the natural world and they carry that for the rest of their lives. 

Spending their days in the woods and the open fields Manitoba has to offer, it gives children the chance to learn through exploring at their own pace. By witnessing the changes that take place in a natural environment over time, they also experience the seasons in a way that’s far more difficult to do within an urban environment.

They Also Learn:

  • How to dress for the weather
  • How to support each other
  • How to be entertained with less
  • How to use tools safely
  • How to tie knots
  • How to get creative with Nature

What are the ages?

3 yrs old - 5 yrs old

What Programs Do You Offer?