Our Approach

The Empowering Kids program is focused on three different vital skills for children: learning to nurture body, mind and spirit. Your children will be lead through a variety of different activities, each focusing on a certain topic. The main points we make sure to touch on in our classes include; learning what positive self-talk is, what high and low emotions are, affirmations, and helping to create a positive thought process (new neural pathways).

Our Story

Company history: Invest In Yourself Course was established in March of 2011 by Tanya Clarke-Marinelli after completing her coaching certification. Tanya combined over 6 years of working with youth, over 8 years of independent research in holistic nutrition and lifestyle to create her private practice.
Tanya began her practice by coaching women one-on-one to create and sustain self-worth combined with a basic knowledge of holistic nutrition. She further created a Real Foods Cooking Class just for kids. In this class she taught children what real foods were, where they came from, how to create a new and loving relationship with real foods, and how to easily make them taste good all while teaching the children her empowering kids program.
Tanya created and runs her Empowering Kids Camp successfully for the past 5 summers and has now extended her program to run through the winter and spring breaks. She also continues to teach her program at High schools and spoke to high school students for Manitoba Mentors with the subject being, “How to become a successful aboriginal entrepreneur”.
Tanya has also partnered up and created an Invest in Yourself Course for female adolescents and women, which continues to run successfully.
Tanya’s qualifications consist of 2 certifications in Life Coaching from the Transform Coaching Academy following up with a one year master’s program in coaching, Completed The Academy Online with Gina Devee, ICF Accredited (internationally accredited) and is also certified in Mindset Mentoring. Tanya also attends an intensive business school and coaching program from 2015-date, acquired her WEVAS, Non Violent Intervention, and gentle teaching certification. She also carries her first aid and CPR training along with a food handler’s certificate. Just this past year, Tanya attended a workshop to learn how to become an outdoor educator and continues to run and attend workshops on a regular basis.

Empowering Kids Program

The Empowering kids class will aid children in developing skills through activities designed to help them reconnect to nature, eat right, keep active and build an overall sense of confidence and pride in themselves. I do this by:

1- Construct a Life you and your child desire. Your child will be introduced to one Universal Principle at a time and taught how to apply it in their lives. Having the knowledge of the Universal principals will aid the child in constructing the life they desire and this knowledge can be applied throughout their entire lives.

2- Discover Self-Talk. Your child will learn what negative and positive affirmations are and how they can create new neural path ways simply by saying these affirmations daily. They will experience growing new uplifting thought patterns and slowly eliminating negative thought patterns. Your child will also learn to create and apply their own positive affirmations around anything they wish to improve in their lives.

3- Easily Transform Negative Emotions into Positive Emotions. Your child will learn the names for different emotions they are feeling. Using my unique method, your child will learn to rate their emotions on a scale. Your child will learn to recognize if the emotion they are feeling is high or low in vibration. Following this, your child will learn to transform the low vibration emotion in to a high vibration emotion.

4- Experience the Power of "Smart Praise". In this class the child will receive praise for everything they do. This will introduce them to experiencing high vibration emotions. Your child will then experience high vibration emotion by learning to praise others in the group through specific and proven to work techniques.

5- Creating a Positive Thought Process. Meditation or prayer as many are comfortable describing it as, is an ancient technique used to become present and focus upon what is desired or happening at that present moment. Your child will learn an age appropriate way to meditate which will aid them in calming down when needed and becoming present to the situation at hand. Your child will learn how to visualize. Visualization is a form of meditation, but rather focusing on what it is that the child desires to experience in life, and so on. This is another way to aid children in successfully creating a positive thought process and eliminating negative thought processes. Along with this vital life necessity, the child will learn Conscious Breathing. Using a conscious breath will assist the child in successful meditation/prayer.

These are the steps of the Empowering Kids Class that I have come up with after successfully working with many children ranging from the ages of 4-15 and witnessing how their lives improved in the class/camp, at home, and at school.

In addition to this program, I have also created a How to Teach the Empowering Kids Class offered to anyone who would love to implement this system with children who fall under the above listed criteria.

"Does this really work?"

YES! I have witnessed in just 2 short weeks how this changed the lives of so many children. Please see the list of testimonials from the caregivers of the children who attended the class or camp.

"What results can I expect?"

The results that I can provide to the children who work with me are as follows:
• Creates an easier home life for parents
• Bully prevention
• Classrooms will be more manageable
• Improvement in behavior
• Children have the confidence to voice opinions and participate in class or groups
• Children will easily champion other children
• Children will learn to self regulate
• It will create self love and acceptance within the child
• Create self confidence and self esteem
• Create a positive self image
• They will know how to recognizing their emotions and quickly change them if needed
• Children will take responsibility for their lives and release blame
• Older children will know how to mentor younger children
• Children will know their worth in this world

Warning, side effect may cause Children to find their life’s passion during this class 😉
Providing that you sustain and implement all that is taught to the child, it will happen quickly. This happens very quickly with children because their belief systems are young. They have not spent 20-40+ years believing they are not good enough. And because of this, transformation is quick!



"I enrolled my son for the Empowering Kids camp this summer, my son has always had self image issues. He came home one day and he said “Mommy, I’m Strong” with a huge smile on his face. It was the first I’ve ever heard that coming from him. I smiled and it melted my heart".

"Who are your clients exactly?"

My clients are children and young adults who require a safe and trusting place so they can be who they are and be championed by everyone around them. This happens in a group setting or on an individual basis. I assist them in falling in love with themselves again, as well as creating lasting confidence within themselves.

Are you a Professional who works in the field of:

  • Social work
  • Community leading
  • PTO
  • Girls/boys club
  • Counselling
  • Teaching
  • Foster parenting
  • YMCA
  • JCC
  • Before and After School programming

And work with children/adolescents who:

  • are bullies or victims of bullying
  • lack positive self image, self confidence and self esteem
  • are searching for love and acceptance
  • may be shy, soft spoken, and experience fear in having a voice
  • are experiencing parents who are separating, divorcing, or the death of a parent
  • have behavioral issues and diagnosis
  • are experiencing neglect or abuse in their home life

OR are you a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, family member, or foster parent who care for children/adolescents who:

  • are bullies or victims of bullying
  • lack positive self image, self confidence and self esteem
  • are searching for love and acceptance
  • may be shy, soft spoken, and experience fear in having a voice
  • are experiencing parents who are separating, divorcing, or the death of a parent or loved one
  • have behavioral issues and diagnosis

"Can I contact some of your former Clients?"

Yes! Please see the "testimonials" page and feel free to contact the list of names. 

"Tanya, based on everything I've read and heard about you, I know you are the one I want to learn from, weather that be me, my child, or a child under my direct or indirect care. What are my options for getting started with you?"