Forest School

What will the children do?

Explore, run, hike, sit, and meditate -identify and discover nature, things they see and feel in the world around them -embrace the weather and changes daily, wind, rain, sun. We're going to build forts, enjoy nature crafts, use some tools (depending on child, interest and ability), help develop confidence and nurture curiosity  and build friendships!

Empowering Kids Program

The Empowering Kids program is focused on three different vital skills for children: learning to nurture body, mind and spirit. Your children will be lead through a variety of different activities, each focusing on a certain topic. The main points we make sure to touch on in our classes include; learning what positive self-talk is, what high and low emotions are, affirmations, and helping to create a positive thought process (new neural pathways).

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As facilitators we will be fostering a real connection to nature through a freely chosen and intrinsically motivated curriculum. The weeks will be full of exploration starting each morning with meditation and intention setting at our base camp. The small heated shelter will provide us the space to store our belongings as well as gather to start and end our day.


"EKS is the reason there was a major transformation in my foster child. She was a shy, quiet teenager that always wore black. She was barely whispering when she spoke. She kept herself very hidden from the world. In the two week Empowering Kids Camp back in August 2014, she transformed into a colorful, vibrant young woman. She dressed in color, she smiled, she spoke so proudly and loud, she talked about her dreams and aspirations, and she was creating her own affirmations about herself. She played a vital role in helping mentor the younger children in class. These kids looked up to her by the end of the two weeks. This girl is blossoming and she has this as her turning point. Thank you to Tanya for putting on an amazing class, I cannot wait for next summer when she will have a chance to join up again and help other kids become their very own success story!" 

Tanya Clarke-Marinelli

Founder of Empowering Kids School

Certified Transformational Life Coach, Consultant, Speaker and ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited. 

Tracy McDowell

Team Leader

Forest School Practitioner, ECE 3

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My Michael had the most amazing week at the Empowering Kids Summer Day Camp with Tanya & Tracy.

He met new Friends, learned to whittle, re-found his love of the outdoors and is regaining his imagination. I am so blessed to have been able to give him this experience. He really NEEDED to have it! - Crystal Davis

Crystal Davis

Benefits of EKS

The Empowering kids class will aid children in developing skills through activities designed to help them reconnect to nature, eat right, keep active and build an overall sense of confidence and pride in themselves. I do this by...

Benefits of Forest School

Spending their days in the woods gives children the chance to learn through exploring at their own pace. By witnessing the changes that take place in a natural environment over time, they also experience the seasons in a way that’s far different then an urban environment. 


"I enrolled my son for the Empowering Kids camp this summer, my son has always had self image issues. He came home one day and he said “Mommy, I’m Strong” with a huge smile on his face. It was the first I’ve ever heard that coming from him. I smiled and it melted my heart".

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